«Atlantis» is a modern out-of-town restaurant which provides You «open-air fine dining».

Enjoy both rack of lamb with eggplant souffle and beautiful waterscape of Kronshtadt forts. «Atlantis» is located in picturesque pine grove. Here one can find welcoming and friendly atmosphere and have a taste of intricate and appetizing meal.

Building architecture of «Atlantis» astounds our guests with its novelty. The resaurant is a two-storeyed building made of natural stone, wood with huge panoramic windows. It reminds a flying bird.

Inside the restaurant is a pleasant interior — mild chocolate colours, pastel shades of table-cloth, glass walls and stairs and lots of mirrors. You can see the movement of gulf   through the glass candles from terrace and for sure call it the Sea.

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Address:2, 2 ,Petrovskaya street, Solnechoe village, Saint-Petersburg

Tel/fax: +7-812-432-9060

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